Terms and Conditions

We aim to provide safe, quality swimming lessons that build confidence and ability, using excellent qualified ASA swimming teachers at all times.

When you enrol for our lessons you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions;

Terms and Conditions

By booking swimming lessons with;-

Seals Swimming

Ewa Dzida Swim School

Little Fishes Swim School

Swavesey Waves Swim School

Aquataura Swimming School

Ninja-Swim (Lincoln)

you accept these terms and conditions.  We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions.


For children having lessons at The Grove Pool, Campkin Road, Cambridge on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday please email swimschool.ewadzida@gmail.com

For children having lessons at The Grove Pool, Campkin road, Cambridge on Thursday, Friday or Saturday email littlefishesswimschooloffice@gmail.com

For children having lessons at The Granta Pool, Cambridge Road, Linton on Friday, Saturday or Sunday please email admin@sealsswimminglinton.co.uk

For children having lessons at The Granta Pool, Cambridge Road, Linton on Wednesday please email swimschool.ewadzida@gmail.com

For Children having lessons at The Windmill Pool, Swavesey, please email swaveseyseals@gmail.com

For Children having lessons at Elm Leisure, Over please email office@sealsswimming.co.uk

For children having lessons at Queens Park Pool, Lincoln please email NinjaSwimHQ@gmail.com

Your child’s name must be used as reference for any payment made.  Late payments cause a considerable amount of time and an administrative charge of £10 may be added onto fees whenever we have to 'chase' up payments.  We offer split payments to help parents budget.  To take advantage of this, payment must be made by two cheques sent in together dated for the dates advertised. 

Special Offers and Discounts

Discounts will be made to individual accounts by the Seals Swimming Office. To qualify for any reduction payments must be received by the advertised date and made by the payment method stated in the offer notification. Any orders or payments received after the advertised date will not qualify.


Parent’s enroling/re-enroling 2 children will be able to enrol the 3rd and subsequent siblings at half price.

To qualify all children must swim during the same term with Seals Swimming Ltd. Re-enrolments must be made by the advertised re-enrolment date. Any pupil who re-enrols after this date may lose their place with Seals Swimming Ltd. We will always take into consideration any time/teacher request however it is not possible to grant all requests.


If you cancel over a week before the start of the course then you will get a full refund if you had paid.  If you cancel your place within one week before the start of the term begins we shall refund your money minus an administration fee of £10.00. If you cancel your place during term time then no refund shall be forthcoming unless there are extreme circumstances.

Any cancellations due to acts of God, terrorism, war and pandemics will not be refundable.

Pool Closures

On occasions lessons are cancelled and whenever possible we will make up the lessons.   This may mean an extra lesson is added at the end of term or during a holiday. However, if this is not possible then credits will be added to your account for £7.50 per lesson. See also cancellation/sickness.


Refunds and credits are considered for medical reasons causing absence for three or more consecutive weeks. Refunds or Credits are not given for non attendance of any advertised lesson date due to pupil holidays etc. We are not obliged to arrange alternative lessons for any child who has been unable to attend their usual lesson due to holidays or outings. 

We start children when they are 3 ½ years of age, we recommend children under 4 attend a crash course before starting weekly lessons. Young children who are finding the environment upsetting are given three weeks to settle, if there is no improvement we will ask you to take them out of the lessons. Credits for the remainder of the term will be given only if the child has previously attended a crash course. See also Sickness and Pool Closures.

Unaccompanied Children

Children need to be accompanied before,during and after lessons by a delegated resposible person.

Talking on poolside

This is a problem as the noise generated is very distracting for the teachers and children and is also a Health and Safety hazard. We want to be able to provide the best lessons and keep your children safe. If we need to give an instruction to evacuate the pool the children MUST be able to hear us clearly. Please hold conversations away from poolside.


If your child is sick you do NOT need to telephone if they are to miss a week or two, if they are likely to miss lessons for longer please let us know.

Refunds and credits are not given for short term sickness. Refunds or credits for a longer term sickness are considered on an individual basis. Children must not swim if they have had any signs of stomach upset and sickness in the family over the past 48 hours.

Pre-swim routine

All pupils must visit the toilet and shower before they enter the swimming pool.


In the interest of child protection no photographic equipment is to be used within the pool building without the PRIOR permission of Seals Swimming Ltd and all parents.

Toy Guns

Schools do not allow toy guns, knives, weapons or repilca and actual waepons permitted on site. Seals and the swimming lesson operators will follow this rule.

Waiting List

Any child who is not currently having swimming lessons with Seals Swimming Ltd will be placed on a waiting list. When a suitable ability class place becomes available siblings of existing pupils will be given priority, the place will then be offered to new pupils on a first come first served basis.

Class Schedules

Class schedules are re-planned each term after teacher assessments have been completed. Class changes are for the benefit of the children to enhance their learning. This may involve a change of time and/or teacher each term. During the first two weeks of term the teachers reassess the classes to ensure they are balanced, changes will be made after the second lesson of term and is done only if Seals Swimming Ltd feel they are appropriate and/or necessary.


Our teachers all work from the same company programme which includes dealing with behavioural issues. The teachers should never shout at the child and will explain to a disruptive child why their behaviour is inappropriate. They may ask the child to sit on poolside for a short time while explaining a task and then bring them back into the group. We must however reserve the right to remove from our lessons any child that causes disruption or compromises safety of themselves or others. Safety at all times is our paramount concern.

Special Needs

Special Needs and Disabled children are welcome where possible at all our venues, although we do not employ specially trained staff. Seals Swimming Ltd integrates these children into our regular classes. We recommend specialist teachers once your child can be taught with the teacher out of the water. We must however reserve the right to remove from our lessons any child that causes disruption or compromises safety regardless of disability, special need or otherwise. Safety at all times is our paramount concern.


If you have any complaints at all about our lessons, staff etc. please telephone us as soon as possible. You may speak to Ken Carstairs or Ali Fish.

Office Hours

Our office hours are 9.00am until 12.30pm.

Please telephone between these hours. You may also contact us by e-mail at office@sealsswimming.co.uk

See also our Website at www.sealsswimming.co.uk