Teachers Assistants

We are fortunate enough to have a teacher's helper at each pool to assist the teachers with most of the non-swimmer and weak swimmer groups.

We welcome young people to gain experience in working with children when teaching our pupils to swim. We believe that it gives young people a sense of purpose and confidence to take on the responsibility of their younger peers and gives them a good understanding of what is involved in interacting with others helping them in their future work place, especially if they have an interest in coaching or teaching.

We have a fantastic team of young people who regularly help and support our teachers and your children. They are not just an extra pair of eyes and hands, we believe these young people are our swimming teachers of the future. They have built up a good bond with the pupils and encourage pupil confidence.  

Most of our helpers have attended the STA helpers course and we continually offer the opportunity for our helpers to attend when courses are running in the area. The ASA teachers level 1 course and National Pool Lifeguard Course is also an option once the helper turns 16 years old.

All teacher's helpers are supervised by a qualified, experienced member of staff at all times. The main tasks of the teacher's helpers are to assist the teacher with the delivery of swimming lessons. They are encouraged to give feedback to the pupils to improve technique and help the pupils to achieve their goals. They may be asked to support the pupils using floats during certain teaching practices and shown the correct techniques for this. The teachers continually train and encourage the helpers during the lessons. Our teacher's helpers will also be asked to assist with the organisation of equipment at the beginning and end of the sessions.