Swimming Pool Rules

These rules apply to all the pools that are used by Seals Swimming Ltd

These rules are to make the pool area safer and teaching conditions pleasant for all children, spectators and staff. They are simple requests to avoid the risk of injury and damage to school property, and to create a good, calm atmosphere for teaching and learning.

  1. A parent or guardian must remain in the pool building at all times.
  2. Outdoor shoes must be removed before entry into the changing rooms or pool area.
  3. Parents must use their own gender changing rooms regardless of their child's gender. Therefore fathers bringing their daughters should change their daughter in the male changing room.
  4. All pupils must visit the toilet and shower and long hair be tied back before entering the water.
  5. Boys should wear ftted swimming trunks (Jammers) while they are learning to swim, long shorts/trunks produce a large amount of drag in the water and hinders the development of a good leg kick. Please do not allow boys and girls to wear sun protection suits to swimming lessons they are not really suitable.
  6. No child must enter the water before the class teacher has requested them to do so.
  7. Parents and Children on poolside should stand or sit quietly, children must not be allowed to run or wander around the pool. (The floor is wet and can be slippery)
  8. Parents and children with time to spare are welcome to sit quietly on poolside or in the entrance hall. No children should be allowed to play on the poolside equipment or on the steps of the pool while waiting (this particularly relates to the steps at The Granta School Pool)
  9. Whilst watching your children in their lesson please do not hold conversations or read aloud to other children. Please do this elsewhere as it can be difficult for the teachers to concentrate and for the children to hear instructions.
  10. No photographs are allowed to be taken in or around the pool area without the prior permission from the Seals Swimming office and the parents of all pupils attending. 
  11. Buggies/pushchairs and prams are not allowed in the changing rooms or the pool area.
  12. Talcum powder causes the floor to become slippery and is not allowed.
  13. Food is not be consumed in the changing rooms or the pool area.
  14. The disabled hoists are the property of the school and should not be moved or played with. The hoists at The Granta School Pool are put into their recharging positions and if these are moved the battery is flat when they come to be used by the school the following day.
  15. Please tidy up after your children.
  16. Please do not play with school equipment

When the children are in the water we expect the children to listen to the teacher. This is most important as the teacher has responsibility for the safety and well being of all pupils. If there is frequent disruptive behaviour the teacher is within their rights to ask the child to sit up on the side for a short time or send them out of the lesson. Safety must be our first consideration.