Seals Swimming Lesson Structure

Which class suits my child?

Seals Swimming's ability groups enable children to receive tuition that is relevant to their capabilities. Children progress quicker if they are in the class that suits their age and ability. We expect a pupil to move up one class level every two terms. To enable us to assess and place your children in the correct class for their ability we use the following guide;

Children who require manual support to move using two woggles on the front and back

NS - Children who can move freely in the pool with one woggle on the front and back.

Level 1 - Children who can swim 3m Back paddle and Front paddle

Level 2 - Children who can swim 6m Back paddle and 3m Front crawl

Level 3 - Children who can swim 6m of Back crawl and Front crawl

Level 4 – Children who can swim 15m Back crawl with good technique, 10m
Front crawl using a float with basic breathing technique and 10m Front Crawl/Back Crawl rotating every 3 strokes

Level 5 - Children who can swim using 15m Back crawl, 10m Front crawl breathing and 10m Breaststroke legs on their back with their feet turned out

Level 6 - Children who can swim 15m of efficient Front crawl breathing, 25m Back crawl and 15m Breaststroke legs with good technique

Level 7 Children who swim 25m+ of Front crawl, Back crawl and Breaststroke  with a short pause between each stroke

If a child has a mixed ability, for example, can swim 6m front crawl and 6m back paddle we would assess the pupil as L2/3 (between the two class levels)