Nervous Children

Young children are often worried about a new environment and are sometimes upset. Our teachers are experienced in dealing with a child who is worried or nervous and are happy to introduce your child slowly into the lesson environment. An excellent introduction to lessons is on a crash course as the children have a chance to see the teachers every day and build up some trust with them over a quicker period of time.

If you feel that your child may have difficulty settling please speak with us and together with your child's teacher we can put in place a suitable timetable of settling before lessons begin.

If your child is having trouble settling please persevere, we understand that it can be distressing at times.

Our usual settling in period is three weeks after which if they are still distressed we will ask that they come back the following term or try a crash course.

Swimming as a family, having fun in the pool is very beneficial and also a great way to spend some time together. We have a guide to help your child who may be getting upset in the water...

When a child is in water teach them to breath through the mouth.  Many children cough when they get their faces wet, this is likely caused by breathing in through the nose and collecting a drop or two of water. This is uncomfortable and off putting.  In a bath or shower at home you can work on this.  Blowing bubbles in the bath and breathing in through the mouth (slowly).  In the shower standing, looking at the feet, mouth wide and breathing slowly.  Goggles are also good to have and get used to them.

Another tip to help would be learn to hold the breath 3,4,5 seconds... just once or twice at a time.  Out of the water at first.  Over 25 years of teaching, I have found that children can swim for as long as they can hold the breaths.

Good luck.

Ken Carstairs