The Lessons

Swimming is a life skill that can be enjoyed at all ages throughout our lives, it is beneficial to your children's health and development and could save a life.

We have a comprehensive selection of lessons to cover a wide variety of abilities, strength and maturity levels. We take children from the age of 3 1/2 years of age. We recommend 3 1/2year olds complete a crash course before starting weekly lessons.

Children progress quickly if they are in a class that is relevent to their age and ability. Our lessons aim at improving confidence, technique and stamina. We also incorporate plenty of fun during the lesson.

Siblings are kept as close together in our class lists as their ability level allows. Our class sizes are six pupils to one teacher with a maximum of 7 in a class. In all of our classes the children are encouraged to swim without floats. At Swavesey we only have 4 children in the pool and our priority is to give those children the best lesson. In most cases we cannot get siblings in adjoining clases.

We have assessments at the beginning and end of each term to ensure that the children are in the best possible class for their ability, they move up when they have achieved a certain standard in each class.

The cost of lessons is £96 (ratio 1:6)/£132 (ration 1:4) for a twelve week term.

Some feedback from a local swimming club's head coach after assessing some of our L7 swimmers

 I must say how impressed I was with the level of technique you have achieved with your swimmers, normally swimmers have a Front crawl and Backstroke but just about legal but the level those strokes and of Breaststroke was most impressive.