Covid 19 (Corona Virus) - These will be reviewed frequently

1) If you have been in close contact with someone suspected with the virus, please do not come to swimming lessons.

2) Please visit the toilet at home and come to the pool with costumes under clothing just a minute or so before lessons are due to begin. Only 1 adult with a child.

3) Wait outside until called in, wash hands and wear masks if over 11 years of age when inside.

4) Keep social distance 1-2m. If you need to visit the toilet please clean afterwards.

5) After the lessons, please change without showering and leave the building quickly.

6) If there is suspected C 19 in your contacts, please let us know asap so we can warn other families.

7) The pool surroundings need to be clean and we need you to co-operate by usung the wipes and spray when you are in contact with surfaces.

All children should visit the toilet and shower before entering the water.

Please advise us of any health/learning problems such as deafness, speech/understanding difficulties before enrolling as this enables us to place your child in the appropriate class and enables the teacher to discuss different strategies we can use to help the lessons run smoothly.

We would recommend that if children must eat before a lesson, they should have a light meal no less than an hour before swimming.

Children with heavy colds, sinusitis and ear infections are requested not to swim.

Any child who has had sickness or an upset tummy should not swim until at least 48 hours after the last bout of illness. If a child has had a tummy upset causing them to be absent from school for more than a week or they have had to seek medical assistance then they SHOULD NOT for 2 weeks after the last bout of illness and they have been given the all clear from their GP.

Also anyone with bleeding skin wounds even if small should not go in the pools. Broken and grazed skin should be covered with a waterproof plaster.

Verrucas must be covered either by a treatment cream barrier (such as Bazuka) or sealed with a waterproof plaster, please also ensure flip flops or pool shoes are worn on poolside and in the shower/changing area.

All the pools that we use are very warm and we recommend spectators bring along a drink of water (plastic containers only please).

We require notification quickly if any child has contracted any illness such as Meningitis or Hepatitis, to enable us to contact pupils and teachers to take the necessary medical precautions.

 Please ring for advice or contact your family GP if you have any further health queries.