How to fit and care for your child's goggles


At Seals we do not mind if your child prefers to wear goggles when they learn to swim. However if goggles are not fitted correctly children fiddle with them and this can cause disruption to the lesson. We will ask the child to remove goggles and continue the lesson without goggles if this disruption becomes a problem. We will also ask the children to remove their goggles during the lesson occasionally to get them accustomed to swimming without them.

The following steps will help you to ensure a correct fit;

Position the goggles into the eye sockets to determine if the goggles are comfortable. The wearer should feel a slight suction.

Stretch head strap over back of the head to rest at a 45 degree angle on the crown of the head. Adjust strap so goggles are a firm fit. Tightening straps does not always prevent water leaking. Ensure that hair is not trapped between the goggles and skin. 

Ensure the nose bridge is adjusted correctly.

We would advise parents to ensure new goggles are fitting correctly before the start of the lesson (a trial run in the bath at home is a good idea).


To preserve the life of your goggles and keep them in good condition

  1. Wash gently in cold fresh water after each use.
  2. Keep lenses free from dirt and grease.
  3. Return goggles to their case if provided.
  4. Do not leave goggles in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, this may affect the durability of the straps.
  5. Label all goggles if possible, one pair look very much like another when left behind.


Information sourced from speedo.co.uk