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Kate - May 2013

Many many thanks to you all for the brilliant & excellent teaching that you have provided over the past 10 years
You all deserve a medal.

Mrs Malhotra  - Dec 2012

I don't know whether you will remember my daughter, but she first came to you on a crash course at the Grove pool when she was 5 and a half (May 2006). After managing a width of the pool by the end of the week I could see that it was time to sign her up for weekly lessons. She carried on swimming with you until she was about 8 when you said that it was probably time for a longer pool and more depth so she could build up her stamina. We signed her up for lessons at the Leys and she continued to improve and even grew to like the butterfly due to the singular enthusiasm of a coach called Mark and she gradually built up her swimming to coping with one hour a week.
In March 2009 I spotted a notice at Parkside offering a free taster session of their Rookie Lifeguard courses, I signed her up and she came back absolutely glowing with enthusiasm. After six months she had completed her bronze award and was doing an assessment for her silver when her coach came and asked me if she was doing any club swimming yet? He had been timing her on rescues and said that she was actually nearly hitting adult pass times and she was only a month away from her tenth birthday. He said that she should really try out for the City of Cambridge Swimming Club and set up a trial for her. That was just over two years ago and she is now swimming 6 days a week in the City B squad. She has proved to be a talented sprinter and at the Club Championships in September won 7 gold medals, 3 silver medals and a bronze taking away the Age Group Champion award for the 11 year old girls. She has just qualified for 4 races at the ASA level 2 winter meet at Parkside, has at least 6 County qualifying times and is gradually counting off the seconds to hit the regional 100m freestyle time.
Swimming as a sport is wonderfully grounding and her strength and stamina now sees her through all her other sports, there is never a hint of a wilt at all day hockey tournaments.
So for all your mums sitting poolside hoping that their child will eventually grow to love the water, then the truth is that it might lead to a whole family living their lives on poolside, reading during training and cheering during galas.'

Mrs Rogers

Our two boys, now aged 8 and 11 years, first learnt to swim with Seals at the age of 4. We found the teaching to be first class. The teachers are very patient and we believe it’s an enormous advantage that they are in the water with the pupils until they reach a level where they no longer need this. The small class sizes make it much easier for the children to learn and also grow in confidence. As a consequence, our boys are both confident swimmers who thoroughly enjoy being in the water. Having now outgrown Seals they have been able to move on to lessons elsewhere and are progressing with other skills such as Rookie Lifeguarding. We firmly believe this has been greatly helped with the skills they learnt with Seals.


I learnt to swim with Seals, starting with a crash course when I was 3 1/2 years old. Ken and the other teachers were brilliant and I learnt quickly and had a lot of fun! I finished last year and went on to the deep pool lessons at Impington. My sister Heather is learning with them too and is nearly ready for a deep pool. She also has started triathlon training with her primary school so has a good start for the swimming bit with Seals.

Mrs Middleton

I shall remain for ever grateful for the expertise of your excellent staff. My child loves to swim and you have taken her from a 'doggy paddler' to a Level 7. I shall continue to recommend you to everyone who has a child. I truly think SEALS is exceptional!!

Mrs Au

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for teaching both of my boys. We are looking forward to moving to a bigger pool in September. Given both my boys are not very sporty in general, learning to swim with good technique means that swimming is the one sport that they feel they are relatively good at.

Best Wishes, Eddy

Ken and all his Staff

Thank you for all the super swimming lessons

Maureen Perl (Teacher 2005-2010)

I feel privileged and it has been an absolute delight to have been part of the Seals Swimming team as a teacher from 2005 to my last day in October 2010. I have felt part of an extended family.'
'The pupils I have taught over the past years have been enthusiastic, motivated and disciplined. It has been such joy and fun to teach the many aspects of swimming and introducing many secrets that I have acquired in the many years I have been a Swimming Teacher and Coach.

Mrs Spence (2011)

Thank you for providing excellent lessons, in small classes and a nice warm pool. It has worked out really well for my children - giving them confidence, enjoyment and a great base from which to improve their swimming skills in the future. I wish you all the best of luck with Seals Swimming in the future.

Mrs Holt (2011)

I would like to thank you all for all the super swimming instruction and fun that you have given all 3 boys over the last few years. They all love swimming and much of that is down to you all.

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